Oscle Ordunez – Cuba/UK.

Teacher – Professional Dancer

Oscle’s origin story is here. He is from Cuba and he went from humble beginnings in Habana Cuba, persevering through lots of trials and professional dance companies, ultimately became successful against all odds!

His superpower comes from his extensive hard works, empath personality type, and his 100% commitment to his journey dance life. He lives and breathes helping their learners get better dance results

Oscle is not like another educator in the Cuban Salsa industry. Their methods follow a 3 step process that has perfected through 2 decades of getting results for themselves and more than 8 years in the UK helping students just like you get results dancing much better and have more fun on the dance floor, either alone or with your partner

Oscle was born in Cuba and graduate of spectacles, musical 2002 in the world-famous Cabaret Tropicana Habana in Havana, Cuba, Cabaret Parisien in Havana, Cuba, and Danzare Company from Cuba, where he played different roles in the company as a dancer, reached the titles of dancer soloist and evaluated of contemporary dance………. Also performed in some of the most prestigious festivals in Cuba, such as Alabanza Internacional (2005, 2006, 2007, 2010), and Cuba discos tv. Did national and international performances in some countries like Italy, Russian, Span, Canada.

  • He began his studies in Tony Menendez Dance Company in 1997 performing with them in various important events such as the OTTI Contest (1999), music videos for international Cuban bands Bamboleo (1999), Isaac Delgado (2000), Eduardo Sabori Music Festival (2000) and many more

– Nowadays living in London, UK, was arriving to work with the SOY DE CUBA company at the FESTIVAL FRINGE in EDINBURGH in SCOTLAND, UK July 2011. He carries on his dance live in some places and Company like

-Descarga Dance Company in the UK (2011)

– Made in Cuba Festival (2011), 2012,2013

-Cuban Salsa Congress Wales (2012)

-Cuban London Congress (2012) 2013

– Clave Latina Festival (2013)

-Cuban, Salsa, Afro Festival 2013

-Twilight Delights Festival at Canary Wharf 2013.

– Mambo City Congress 5 Star 2014

– Latin Motion Company 2014,2015

– Salsa Fusion Event 2013,2014,2015

-World Premiere on the Red Carpet of the film, Cuban Fury (2014)

-Lukas Awards gala ceremony (2014),

– Oi Brazil Company 2013,2014

– Copacabana Night in Brighton 2012,2013,2014,2015

-Salsa Feel the Heat Festival 2012, (2013) 2014, 2015

– EL GRANDE the bigger Latin Event in London 2013,2014,2015

And many more……


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