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As art spaces and events close, how can we support our art communities and artists?
In this unprecedented time for everyone, our daily routines are quickly shifting as the world responds to Coronavirus.

As people self-quarantine, and conferences, workshops, and freelance gigs are put on hold, people across all sectors are experiencing lost wages, delayed work, and are having to shift their businesses to adapt to a new normal.

Although artists have already begun to adapt to the changes and bring their practices online, there are many unknowns that we face in the upcoming weeks and months.

The widespread cancellation of in-person events has affected many of us—independent artists included as Oscle and Lisi—who rely on events, workshops, and physical locations to pay their bills. Now, more than ever, it’s important to offer support to the impacted if you are able.

Here are just is a way that you can support us and contribute to our health, even while practicing social distancing.

We greatly appreciate your donation. Please stay safe and we love to see you soon


Best regards / Oscle and Lisi

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