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About London Cuban Salsa


Taking part in salsa in our London Cuban Salsa school Academy in London is much more than simply learning to dance, as it is an exciting way of staying fit, making friends, meeting new people, challenging yourself, and also discovering a passion for dancing

London Cuban Salsa is a Cuban Dance school based in London founded on 26 November 2014 By O&L with the goal of bringing and sharing Cuban Salsa dancing and other dance styles as Cuban Rumba, Momba, Chachacha, Son, Afro-Cuban, Casino, Rueda, and more.

We have Authentic Cuban dance lessons with different salsa dance levels to suit your knowledge, from beginners to advanced offering a variety of Salsa courses and workshops however, fun, passion, and enjoyment a major part of our social events. Cuban Salsa is very much alive in the heart of London UK.

Cuba? Is known around the world especially for its music, music is an important element of Cuban society and traditional styles are still popular and influential. A country is full of lively music, poetry, singing, dancing, and conversation. Cuba has managed to preserve its past while has continued. Visiting Cuba is like traveling back in time to the fifties, vintage cars, a relaxed and unhurried life…



London Cuban Salsa