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ONLINE AND Studio Sessions

These classes are perfect to take online with an internet connection, or face-to-face on the Studio Sessions next to the teachers

Take your dance to the next level

Here are the absolute classes perfect for those with no previous dance experience or for those who want to brush up on their Cuban salsa technique or other Dance Style. Our private classes are based on a structured syllabus built around a program for you, designed to take a student from Beginner to Advanced Level or improver up the technical at 100%. Those classes are taught to a very high standard with a major emphasis on the fun of development of the exercise. With the amazing Cuban dancer's teachers Oscle & Lisi. Perfect to improve your level and the social dancing.


1 – Learning much more from a private lesson compared with an over-crowded group lesson Salsa.

2- Beginners: Learn good foundations from the start and receive full attention to your posture, arms, footwork, timing, and musicality.

3- Learn proper technique, not just the moves

4- Learn what makes other people look good on the dance floor

5- Gentleman: Improve your lead

6- Ladies: Improve your following

7- Ladies & Gents: Learn how to make your dance flow from move to move

8- Improve your music interpretation

9- Save time and learn with precision and details

10- Learn at your own speed and learn faster than group lessons

11- Receive personalized attention with emphasis on details, precision, enthusiasm, encouragement, repetition, and style.


Yes you will be progress very fast with private lessons!

A private lesson or 1-1 or 1-2 enables you to progress faster and mistakes to be remedied far more rapidly than in a group lesson.

Can I get rid of bad habits with private lessons?

We can often spot mistakes within moments of dancing with you or seeing you dance, however long you have been dancing.


Techniques involving Cuban style and Rueda de casino, Spins, Chachacha, Mambo, Bachata , Afro Cuba , Rumba.

Focus is on a good alignment with emphasis on the expression of arms, hands. Movement of the head in coordination with the salsa rhythm. Understanding of musical interpretation. Sharp, dynamic, and precise footwork and shines. Body Isolation is explored with the Cuban approach.

Lead Techniques” style. Emphasis on the timing of the lead. Set up for ladies’ spins and details of the correct handhold. How to provide clear, firm, and gentle signals for the ladies.

Follow Techniques, Preparation to respond correctly for the applicable signals from the leader. All essential footwork and posture for spins – singles, triples, and doubles.


We will teach the salsa dance style you choose . Cuban Salsa , Rueda de casino, Cuban Mambo , Chachacha , Cuban Rumba , Afro Cuba , Bachata Urbana , Reggaeton , Timba , Flamenco, Food Work , Partner Work , Ladies and men’s style.


Studio Sessions
You don’t have to worry about the venue. We will provide the venue with big mirrors, lights, and good audio sound. And its included in the prices of the private lessons !


Once you book your place and make payment , we will send you the full address and directions on how to get to us.

Of course, if the lessons going online , so you don’t need our Address. Just you need an internet connection 

For any  inquiries please drop a WhatsApp to the number provided here +447435915989

Take your dance to the next level. 



Here you will find everything you need to know about our special offers.

Please, once you make your purchase contact us to get your details .Name , start date, trace purpose 


One Class per Person – 60 Minutes £50

Purchase Here

Two Classes per Person – 120 minutes £85

Purchase here – Saved £15

Package per Person – 4 hours £150

Purchase Here – Saved £20

One Class Per Couple – 60 Minutes £100

Purchase here

Two Classes per Couple – 2 Hours £175

Purchase Here – Saved £25

Package per Couple – 4 Hour £310

Purchase Here – Saved £40


Please Drop a WhatsApp to the number provided here +447435915989



These classes are perfect to take online with an internet connection 

To do these private classes direct online? it is very easy, once you make your purchase. We give you a link to register on the ZOOM platform . You will receive the link for the class in a notification via email.

And then, you will see us directly from the comfort of your home, how easy is that, yes!

For any inquiries please drop a WhatsApp to the number provided here +447435915989


Terms about ZOOM registration 

Last registration 1 hour before class. You will receive the link for the class in a notification email. Check your spam folder in case it ends up there. Please sign-in via this link at least 5 minutes before class.

 We encourage you to turn your video on, so your teacher can see you. Please mute your audio for the duration of the class. The teacher will invite you to unmute the audio at/end of the class to say hello or to respond to any question.

Terms and Conditions about Payment 

All class passes have an expiry date, and cannot be extended or suspended except in exceptional circumstances.

Class passes are assigned to individual clients and cannot be shared between clients.

Both the 4 and more the 8 session class passes are valid for any drop-in class and for two week or a months, depending on the package your purchase.


From Beginner to Professionals


Have a computer? An iPad? A smartphone? Then you have London CS adapt to the new generations. No more having to move from the comfort of your home. Where you go, there we are.


We know you're busy, aren't we all? At London CS we prioritize efficiency, while never compromising excellence and quality. Our condensed 30/50 min Weekly classes in different days are everything you need to push your dance to the next level.


While you might take your class alone in your living room, you are far from being alone. Here, you’re part of the greater picture. Become a London CS member and join the beautiful family of dancers


We only offer the best of the best. Our artists are one of the best Cuban dancers of the moment in the Uk . Traveling each weekend around , teaching at the most prestigious Uk events . With London CS learn from these same artists, from the comfort of your living room.

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