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Our terms and conditions comply with UK legislation and are designed to ensure that our customers can shop easily and with confidence.

These terms and conditions only apply to all sales placed either online or in writing, unless otherwise stated.

All prices are in £ sterling. Any exceptions will be clearly marked on the website where relevant. Prices may be subject to change without notice, but we will only alter the price after we have confirmed your order, it is to your benefit.

Foreign customers
Whilst this website is designed with UK customers in mind, we welcome enquiries from customers in other countries. Prices include UK Sales Tax (VAT), additional delivery charges will usually apply. Please telephone and we will do our best to assist.

You may pay by any major credit card or debit card or PayPal.

Ltd may collect your bank account number and sort code for use in paying earned a commission as an Inkthre­adable store owner. By submitting these details, you agree that Ltd will store these details for future commission payments.

Each product is printed to order, so unless there is a fault with the item we don’t accept returns. You’ll need to handle all customer returns yourself if it’s due to your customer changing their mind, exchanging or any other reason other than a product fault. Detail your returns policy carefully on your store, including your return address, since we can’t accept customer returns on the site.

We’re also unable to accept the return of blank garments. Please be aware that it is a B2B supplier.

If a parcel shipped to your customer is returned to us due to delivery failure, we’ll get in touch to let you know. If we don’t receive instruction on what to do with the parcel after 28 days we’ll assume it’s no longer required and the products will be donated to charity.

Product availability
Items shown on this website may not always be in stock. If any of your chosen items are not in stock, you will be advised of our best estimate of availability and delivery date at the time you place your order. Please note that an indication of such dates is an estimate only, may be subject to change without notice, and does not constitute a contractual obligation by Inkthre­adable Ltd to supply goods by a certain date. However, if availability is unduly delayed, we will use our best endeavors to keep you informed.

Product images and descriptions
Please note that the color of images shown on this website may be affected by the technology used to access it. Whilst we do our best to faithfully reproduce colors, some variation may occur.

Product descriptions are taken from our suppliers and are, to the best of our knowledge, as accurate as possible. We occasionally check with suppliers to make sure our descriptions are accurate, but cannot guarantee that all product descriptions are accurate at all times. If you are in doubt, or have any questions about product descrip­tions, we advise you to contact our support team to check the information is accurate before purchasing a product or listing it for sale on your own site.

Accepting orders and security
When you place an order, either online, by telephone or in writing, we will treat it as an offer to buy. If we accept your order, we will send you a confirmation email with your order number, at which point we make a legal contract with you. However, we will be entitled to refuse to accept your order if we feel it necessary, in which case we will email you as soon as we can to let you know.

All order details are confirmed with by you when your order is placed, including the billing address, shipping address, garment, print file and print position. When you receive your email confir­mation, you will have an opportunity to check these details are correct to make any amendments before the order goes into production. You must contact us within 12 hours of placing your order to make any changes, after this period no changes can be made. Inkthre­adable cannot replace or refund any orders that are incorrect if they have been printed according to the details you confirmed when the order was placed.

In deciding whether to accept your order we may use the information you have given to us, or we already hold about you, or which we receive from any enquiry we may make with various agencies, to confirm your identity. This assists us to protect you and us from fraudulent transac­tions. If we decline your offer on security grounds, we may contact you to seek an alternative payment method or to advise you to visit one of our stores.

Order processing
An order will not be processed until it has been paid in full. Orders are processed from the date and time of payment received, not the date and time it was. Thank you LCS


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